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The Council of the Fund for Educational Innovation


Yaroslav I. Kuzminov, chair

Rector at HSE

Vadim V. Radaev, deputy chair

First Vice-Rector at HSE

Daniil A. Alexandrov

Laboratory Head, Professor at HSE Campus in St. Petersburg

Irina V. Arzhanova

Executive Director at National Fund for Employees Preparation

Viktor Bolotov

Academic Supervisor: Institute of Education at HSE

Oleg Voskoboynikov

Professor, Senior Research Fellow: Faculty of Humanities at HSE

Oleg A. Zamulin

Professor: Faculty of Economic Sciences at HSE

Mikhail V. Klarin

Russian Academy of Education, Didactics (Theory of Education), Corresponding Member

David L. Konstantinovsky

The head of the Center of Sociology of Education, Science and Culture at the Russian Academy of Education

Andrei M. Markevich

Full Professor: Department of economics at NES

Sergei K. Lando

Professor: Faculty of Mathematics at HSE

Elena N. Penskaja

Head, Professor: Faculty of Humanities at HSE

Sergey Y. Roshchin

Vice-rector at HSE

Sergey R. Filonovich

Dean, professor: Graduate School of Management at HSE

Isak D. Froumin

Head: Institute of Education at HSE

Vladimir D. Shadrikov

Academic Supervisor, Research Professor: Faculty of Social Sciences at HSE

Maria M. Yudkevich

Vice-rector at HSE

Lev I. Jakobson

Vice President at HSE

Sergey M. Yakovlev

Director: International College of Economics and Finance at HSE


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