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Fund for Educational Innovation

What is “Quality” in Teaching and Learning: the Views of the Teachers

Chernenko O., Saltykova V.

Higher Education in Russia and Beyond. 2021. No. 4(29). P. 18-20.

Book chapter
The Case of “New Moscow”: Metropolisation as a Chance for Local Government System?

Chernenko O.

In bk.: Metropolisation, Regionalisation and Rural Intermunicipal Cooperation.. Vol. 8: Collection Kultura. Institut Universitaire Varenne, 2018. P. 345-356.



27 January 2022

Three Original Educational Projects

Following the results of the ‘Teachers’ Marathon’

15 October 2021

‘Expeditions Give Students a Chance to Experience Field Work’

The student research expedition of the Graduate School of Urbanism has concluded its field work in the Sovetsko-Gavansky region. The data collected will form the basis of a booklet about the main features of the region’s urban space. Other outcomes of the expedition include a preprint of a research publication and the creation a systematized database with metadata on collection methodology.

21 July 2021

Discovering Russia Anew

On July 6, a student research expedition to Komi-Permyak Okrug of Perm Krai, realized within the framework of NRU HSE program “Discovering Russia Anew”, came to an end. 

One of the main focuses of today’s University strategy is the internationalisation of the educational process. This goal is effectively solved through this competition of the Fund for Educational Innovation. Faculty can apply for their new course in English support during the whole academic year.
Students’ Field Research/ Expeditions are a part of the educational process and help to bridge the gap between the unified theoretical concepts and a variety of practices. Faculty can apply for a Students’ Field Research/ Expeditions organisation during the competition time.
Spring and autumn competitions of educational innovations are a unique opportunity for faculty to present their new ideas and best practices used in their work. Annually over 100 projects take part in the competitions.
Project designed for teaching and learning development among academic staff and scholars of HSE.

The Fund was created to promote innovation processes at the HSE and enhance the quality of HSE’S educational programmes.

The Fund aims to identify and reward the university’s best instructors, involve the best graduate and postgraduate students in teaching, support innovative educational developments, and spread the best teaching practices.

The Fund focuses on the following spheres:

  • identifying and rewarding the best teachers of the year and the best teaching practices
  • developing and promulgating educational innovations