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Nominations and applications

Dear colleagues,

HSE University’s Fund for Educational Innovation has started accepting applications for the Spring Competition for original educational developments.


Competition categories:


Teaching and AI technologies

This nomination is open to applications, which consider course delivery with the use of AI technologies (ChatGPT and similar technologies): from countering students’ use of AI technologies to their integration in course development (e.g., creating learning and assessment materials, analytics, instructional management, etc.).


Peer-to-peer review and assessment in course delivery

This nomination is open to applications, which analyze the application of peer-to-peer assessment/review in course work, with the direct involvement of students, including:

  • prerequisites for collaborative student interaction;
  • technical organization of peer-assessment/feedback practices;
  • managing/observing peer-to-peer processes;
  • pedagogical and professional results from this innovation (enhanced objectivity/variability of assessment, reducing violations of academic ethics and grade disputes, boosting graduates’ professionalism in various fields of knowledge, etc.)


Original solutions for assessment activities, including:

  • original/creative assignments;
  • use of digital tools in assessment;
  • differentiated approaches to assessment, with consideration of levels of student preparation (i.e., individualization of tasks);
  • integrated use of Smart LMS resources for formative and summative assessment.


Open category

This nomination is open to applications, which offer original methods and approaches to teaching and learning for the current academic year, but not included in the categories described above.


Fill out an application form


Applications will be accepted until June 14, 2023 (inclusive).

If you have any questions about the terms of the competition and application procedures, please contact: (495) 772-95-90, *15548; +7 985 999-10-17. We will be pleased to hear from you.




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